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What is addiction?

Addiction is the compulsive and repetitive use of mood altering substances regardless of the consequences to relationships, occupation, or health.

What is treatment?

Alcohol/drug treatment includes group therapy and/or individual therapy and education to help the client understand how dysfunctional the lifestyle of addiction is, and assist the client to establish a lifestyle free from alcohol and drugs.

What are the symptoms of adolescent alcohol and drug abuse or dependency?

    Deteriorating grades or attendance at school.
    Unexplained personality changes.
    Unwillingness to follow rules or other structure.
    Underage drinking fines and other legal problems.
    Out late after household curfew without adequate
    Evidence of drinking or drug use such as bottles,
     drug paraphernalia, smells of alcohol or
     marijuana, apparent drunkenness.
    Theft from parents or siblings.
    Increasingly disrespectful attitude towards
     parents and authority figures.
    New friends whose identities or last names are
     withheld from conversations.
    Multiple, even if minor, traffic accidents.
    Unexplained depletion of prescription pain killers
     or psychiatric medications.
    Warning signs of inhalant abuse include
     unexplained depletion of aerosol cans, household
     cleaners and solvents. Inhalant users will
     sometimes become confused or have respiratory

As a parent what can I do to discourage alcohol and drug use by my teenager?

A strong position in word and deed by parents against alcohol and drug use is the most effective deterrent. Make it clear that underage drinking and drug use will not be tolerated and that specific consequences will result. Remember, a teenager who begins drinking at age 15 is four times more likely to become addicted than one who waits until the legal age of 21.
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I received an OWI what do I do?

You must get an assessment from the County Intoxicated Driver Program and follow the recommendations.

What is Enabling?

Enabling is the process of making it easier for an individual to abuse alcohol or drugs. Parents, family members, and spouses often do this unwittingly by protecting their loved ones from the consequences of their behaviors. Examples of enabling include making excuses to school or employers, protecting them from legal consequences, blaming their friends, and allowing underage drinking or drug use in the home. Most addicts will not seek help until they experience consequences to their health, school, jobs, or family.

I am an adult with a drinking problem. Can I get help at Libertas?

Yes, Libertas provides Intensive Outpatient Treatment for adults. These are group sessions usually of 5 - 10 adults, which meet three times per week for seven weeks. This includes a week of family sessions. Group sessions are three hours long and are offered from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday or 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. In order to receive assessment you need only call (920) 498-8600 and make an appointment.

Will my health insurance plan pay for treatment?

Most health insurance plans pay for at least some costs of treatment but usually require prior authorization for outpatient and inpatient services. Refer to your benefit booklet or call your insurance company to determine the benefits available and where treatment can be received. Libertas accepts most health insurance plans in Northeastern Wisconsin and accepts Wisconsin Medical Assistance.

I am concerned about my child smoking marijuana. Can I get a drug test done?

Drug testing should be conducted by a professional counselor in conjunction with a chemical dependency assessment.

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My son or daughter has a problem with alcohol and drugs but will not agree to get an assessment. What can I do?

Basically you must decrease privileges and increase consequences until the child's mind is changed. Parents may wish to seek assistance through a support group such as Families Anonymous. Please call to discuss this further.

Should I be concerned if my child receives an underage drinking fine?

Yes, this could be a warning sign and indicates the need for discussion, monitoring, and consequences. Be aware of explanations such as "I was only holding my friend's drink" or "that was my first beer'. If there is more than one underage-drinking event, a professional assessment is recommended.

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