You've seen the signs. At least some of them.

Deteriorating grades or lack of
   school attendance

Persistent surly attitude

Change to a negative peer

Underage drinking fines and
   other legal problems

Apparent drunkenness or

Unexplained depletion of liquor
   or medication supplies

Physical evidence such as
   liquor bottles, drug
   paraphernalia, pill containers

Theft from parents or siblings

Disrespect and unwillingness
   to follow rules or family

Disappearing for days at a time

Evidence of huffing -
   unexplained depletion of
   aerosol products, solvents,
   household cleaners

Changes in energy levels,
   appetites, sleep patterns, and

And you've been frustrated, felt you were losing control, feared for your child's safety, had sleepless nights, been confused, angry, and even indifferent. And you've hoped for it all to go away.

Hope remains
Because of Libertas

Libertas Treatment Center
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Compassion for Kids...Support for Parents.

Family Involvement

is crucial to addiction recovery. Participation by parents, as well as other family members, is expected from the moment the adolescent is admitted into treatment through the Family Program that occurs at the end of his or her inpatient stay.

Through treatment, Libertas counselors provide progress reports to parents, as well as a post-discharge treatment plan. There is also a two-day Family Program conducted near the end of the inpatient stay which provides education to parents and siblings on the nature of addiction, methods of coping with the addicted adolescent, parenting techniques, and methods for communication within the family. View tips on Parenting in an Addictive World.

Health Insurance Approvals

HMOs and managed care companies vary among carriers and policies. Parents should review the applicable benefits information and contact the insurer for their alcohol/drug inpatient rehabilitation benefits, how those benefits can be obtained, and pre-authorization requirements. Health insurance plans usually have several criteria for approval of inpatient treatment.

Libertas staff can provide guidance in regard to all insurance concerns. Wisconsin Medical Assistance is accepted, and it may be necessary for the referring professional to call the insurance company with clinical information prior to admission.

Hope. Empowerment. Optimism. Promise.

The mission of Libertas is to provide chemical dependency treatment, to relieve the pain and suffering of the dependent individual and that of the family, and to provide skills necessary to cope with the disease so lives are more manageable.

Libertas is Italian for "freedom", and it is our sole purpose to help free adolescents and their families from the horrors of addiction. We treat the disease specifically, aggressively, and compassionately.

Recovery is possible.
With Libertas.

libertas treatment center

Libertas Treatment Center

is the only private inpatient substance abuse facility in Eastern Wisconsin that focuses on adolescent substance abuse.

Our treatment philosophy is a medically supervised, disease model twelve-step program, which utilizes the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

Over 80% of adolescents who participate in the Libertas Inpatient Program complete the program requirements and are better able to cope with their environments. They grow up to be lawyers, teachers, counselors, business leaders, members of our armed forces, and other major contributors to our world.

Parent Support Information

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