You've seen the signs. At least some of them.

Deteriorating grades or lack of
   school attendance

Change to a negative peer

Underage drinking fines and
   other legal problems

Apparent drunkenness or

Unexplained depletion of liquor
   or medication supplies

Physical evidence such as
   liquor bottles, drug
   paraphernalia, pill containers

Disrespect and unwillingness
   to follow rules or family

Disappearing for days at a time

Changes in energy levels,
   appetites, sleep patterns, and

You've heard their stories, witnessed their struggles, and reached out to souls too young to feel such pain. You've reached out with hope that they will one day be free of their demons.

Hope remains
Because of Libertas

Libertas Treatment Center
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No One Says I Want to Become an Addict

Libertas Treatment Center

is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation hospital for adolescents located in Green Bay, WI, on the campus of St. Mary's Hospital. It provides both inpatient and intensive outpatient services.

We welcome all inquiries regarding potential inpatient referrals. A parent, therapist, counselor, or any professional associated with the adolescent can initiate the call. When making an inpatient referral, the following information is helpful:

    Age and living situation
    Alcohol and drug use history
    Alcohol and drug treatment history
    School attendance
    Legal issues
    Current medications
    Active health insurance plan numbers

A clinical supervisor will review the information to determine if inpatient treatment is appropriate. All information is held in strict confidence.

Hope. Empowerment. Optimism. Promise.

Libertas Treatment Center is the only private inpatient substance abuse facility in Eastern Wisconsin that focuses on adolescent substance abuse. Over 80% of adolescents who participate in the Libertas Inpatient Program complete the program requirements and are better able to cope with their environments. They grow up to be lawyers, teachers, counselors, business leaders, and other major contributors to our world.

libertas treatment center


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Libertas is accredited by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and certified by the State of Wisconsin for alcohol and drug abuse treatment.

Professional Information

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